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Screen Prints

Screening is a method of print-making where a stencil is designed and applied  to a screen, and then ink or paint is squeegeed across the screen to apply color onto the paper  below the screen.  A print can be developed using one or many stencils and colors.  

I hadn't screened for decades, but was excited to return to this art form again in 2010, especially now that water-soluble and less toxic paints and materials can be used.   The number of prints made from the same stencils is called an edition, and I indicate the edition quantity  below each print.   This is a manual process, and each print can be slightly different.

Screen Prints
Sizes are in inches.  Click on image to see larger size.

Bird on Shore SS.JPG

Country Road SS.JPG

Eastman.Barn Duet.SS.JPG

Shore Bird
13.5 x 10

Country Road
13.75 x 10

Barn Duet
11 x 8.5


Flamboyan Tree, Puerto Rico.SS.JPG

Headed West.SS.JPG

Gardeners at Monticello
15 x 11

Flamboyan Tree, Puerto Rico
13.5 x 11

Headed West
13.75 x 11

House in Shade.SS.JPG

Leaning Tree.SS..JPG

Tree with Cows.SS.JPG

House in Shade
15 x 11

Leaning Tree
11.5 x 8.5

Tree with Cows
14 x 11

Woman with Umbrella SS.JPG



Woman with Umbrella
14 x 10




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