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Chapel Hill Studio

Here are photos from my larger Chapel Hill Studio, where
I have been painting since 2004.  

A. Painting Area.JPG

B. Easel & Painting Area.JPG

C. Work Table.JPG

D. Work Table.JPG

Painting Table
Walking into my studio, the painting table is on left side, with window facing north.  Taboret and narrow table to right holds paints, supplies, and brushes.


Painting Table - View 2
I paint both watercolors and acrylics here.  For smaller work or detail, I might sit, but for larger work I usually stand. Easel tilts, easily accomodating both watercolors &

Work Table
This corner table is designated for paperwork and matting/framing chores. Also, you'll see a few floor mats under the easel, which ease long periods of standing as well as protect the floor from paint.

Work Table - View 2
Narrow table on left supports a small Italian art press which I like to experiment with now and then.  Window blinds can be adjusted for more light. 

E. Office area.JPG

F. Flat Files & Bookcase.JPG

G. Canvas Holder.JPG

H. Behind Door .JPG

Office area
Shelves to the right are good storage for lots of supplies.  Large white  notebooks hold art photo archives.

Flat Files & Bookcase
"Closet" holds flat files on table as well as boxes of matboard and various portfolios.  Bookcase holds my art books.  Extra easels live next to bookcase and are contained with bungee cord.

Canvas Holder
My husband Mike built the handy canvas holder.  It  is on wheels, and moves easily out of the way in my sometimes crowded studio.  There is room for a dozen large paintings on each level.

Behind Door
Mat cutters are stored on small shelf on the wall behind door.  There are also storage shelves and a mini flat file to left of file case.  A basket of matted watercolors  are stored on file case.


Old Raleigh Studio 

Here are photos from my old studio in Raleigh, NC, where I painted  from 1997 to 2004.  .





Wecome to my studio.

This is where I do most of my painting.  The window faces west, with a woodsy view.

The taboret holds my palette and water containers, with storage for paints in the drawers. Next to this, a long "side" table with brushes and other supplies.

This is where I read my art books, prepare drawings for paintings, and also where I mat and frame my finished watercolors.





Here's my "art library," plus a few easels.  This window faces north, with another woodsy view.

Here are my flat files, and storage area for matboard, foamcore, etc.  To save space, we put my Logan 750 SGM matcutter on a wall shelf, secured with a bungee cord.

I recently acquired a small  printing press, imported from Italy.   It is  bolted onto my side table, and I'm looking forward to exploring various printing processes.  


I often paint standing, which helps free up my brushstrokes.

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