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Arts at the Meadow

Meadowmont Village, Chapel Hill (NC)

September 10, 2005

Here are various images taken at the Meadowmont Art Fair.  It was a beautiful day.

A Meadowmont 2005 Front view.JPG

B Meadowmont 2005 front panels.JPG

C Meadowmont 2005 front panels.JPG

 81 booths total
Julie's booth is seen here about in the middle, with a blue shelter and rose-colored  tableclothes.

Julie's booth - front view


Another view of front panels


D Meadowmont 2005 back panels.JPG

E Meadowmont 2005 Julie.JPG

F Meadowmont 2005 Mike.JPG

Julie's booth - back view




Mike during a stint of booth-sitting


G Meadowmont 2005 Julie with Customer.JPG

H Meadowmont 2005 Customers looking at cards.JPG

I Meadowmont 2005 Interview.JPG

Julie with customer


Customers looking at cards
Julie looks on!


Being interviewed
Julie was one of many artists  interviewed for a video clip to advertise the OCAG Open Studio Tour in November.

J  Meadowmont 2005 Larger front view.JPG

L  Meadowmont 2005 Julie.JPG


Another larger view
 "Julie's row"


Blank spot on panel behind her means a sold painting.   It was a good day for sales. 


Copyright 2005-2007 by  Julie A. Eastman.  All rights reserved.

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