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Studio Tour 2005

This is Julie's first year in the Orange County Artists Guild annual open studio tour.  Over 70 artists are participating, and the tour dates are November 5-6 and November 12-13.  For more information about the tour, please visit www.orangecountyartistsguild.com.


Art bin.JPG

Bust with turquoise bollo tie.JPG

Diningroom 1.JPG

Art bin


Bust with turquoise bollo tie


Diningroom 1


Diningroom 2.JPG

Display Panels 1.JPG

Display Panels 2.JPG

Diningroom 2


Display Panels 1


Display Panels 2


Display Panels 4.JPG

Display Panels Display Panels 3.JPG


Display Panels 4


Display Panels Display Panels 3




Front door sign.JPG

Kitchen 1.JPG

Kitchen 2.JPG

Front door sign


Kitchen 1


Kitchen 2


Livingroom 1.JPG

Livingroom 2.JPG

Livingroom 3.JPG

Livingroom 1


Livingroom 2


Livingroom 3


Small art, arat cards, etc.JPG

Studio 1.JPG

Studio 2.JPG

Small art, art cards, etc


Studio 1


Studio 2


Tour sign with balloons.JPG



Tour sign with balloons




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